Friday, July 14, 2006

New Kitchen Floor

Image Here are the pictures from yesterday and today (click on picture for larger image). This is a Congoleum DuraCeramic floor. It is laid like tile. The tiles I chose look like slate. Chuck, from Carpet One, is doing the work. He's a 65-year-old chatty fellow, but a hard worker, and he does good work.

Image After the first day, this is what the kitchen looks like. The old floor has been removed, and the smell from the trapped fridge leak dampness was truly awful. Chuck said there was no mold, so he dried out the floor with fans and commenced to lay the new floor. The stove and fridge (yes it has been repaired) are waiting at the far end of the room.

Image Image While Chuck worked in the kitchen, the kitties fretted. Ruso hid and whined whenever anybody would listen. Persy watched the work from a distance.

Image After the second day, the tile is all down, the stove and fridge are at home in their spots, and part of the grouting has been done. Sammy and Persy are more concerned about their late dinner than they are about the new floor smells.

April 8, 2007, edited to move review out of comments and into the blog entry:

Yes, I'm happy with the floor. It cleans easily, is quiet, and looks good (I think).

I went with the grout option instead of no grout. The installer wasn't happy with all the work he had to do in order to make the grout look good, but I am. He did one grout and then bubbles developed. He had to come back in a couple of weeks and re-grout, but now it looks good. (He could have come back sooner, but his schedule was busy.) Just tell your installer to be careful with the grout.

Also be aware that the joins to the surrounding area might be a problem. My installer had to go to the hardware store and buy some plastic strips that match (well enough for me), because there are no joining pieces available to buy. I don't know what joining pieces are. Just make sure you ask about how you are going to transition from the new floor to the old.

Once again, I like this floor and I'm happy.

The house I live in has bad kitchen floor karma. It is in the process of having it's 4th kitchen floor since the house was built: White linoleum, cheap wood like laminate, expensive stone like laminate, and finally expensive stone like Congoleum. The first floor looked cheap. The second floor looked better, but the workmanship and product were so bad that after a year I decided to replace it. The third floor looked okay, but the refrigerator leaked and the wood core warped.

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