Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Teddy Bear Ribwarmer

I found a link in Ravelry to a pattern called Baby Bear Rib Warmer Re-visited.  It was perfect for me as a learning tool for EZ's Ribwarmer.  Since I had no idea what part of the garment was what in the instructions it helped a lot to work through it once to figure things out.  (Click on pictures to see larger image.)  I tried two or three different short-row methods for the corners, and one or two different I-Cord methods for the border.  I think I agree with EZ that short rows in garter stitch can be worked without knitting the wraps - it looks fine and it's a whole lot easier.

First of all you cast on invisibly (provisional cast on at bottom of picture above), then knit some ridges in garter stitch.  The entire thing is in garter stitch.  This is one side of the neck in the back.

Then you cast on some extra stitches, which will eventually become a shoulder seam.  Then you knit a bunch of ridges until it's time for some short rows....

Next you turn the front corner, knit some ridges for underarm space, and then knit about 33% of the next corner.  Then you just stop knitting on this piece.  Put the stitches on a holder and break the yarn.

Pick up the live stitches from the provisional cast on and knit the other side of the neck back, cast on for shoulder seam, etc., just like the first side.

Then you join the two back pieces and continue as if you were turning a corner, but you are filling in the bottom of the back with short rows.  After that you motor on up to the top and do some short row shoulder shaping.

You join the shoulders and attach the neck to the back.  Finally, you add a border (I-Cord suggested) around the outer edges.  I did a 2-stitch I-Cord border around everything but the arm holes because I ran out of yarn.

Meg is publishing a DVD about the Ribwarmer very soon.  I'm going to get it, because there is quite a bit that I'm not happy with.  For example, my I-Cord isn't beautiful; my corner short rows are not beautiful; my shoulder and neck joining is not beautiful.  I think part of the problem is that the yarn I used splits like the dickens (Debbie Bliss Merino DK).  Even with all my complaints I think this bear is good enough to go to a charity.  Somebody will love it and not care that there are unlovely bits.

Note:  If you look at the text in the images you might notice that I don't know left from right; however, I'm not going back to edit the pictures now.  Sorry about that.

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