Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Wendy's Kitty Pi Cat Bed

This cat bed was finished a couple of weeks ago. It's super quick and super easy, and the payoff in my cats' pleasure is high. All three cats like this one - it doesn't hurt that it has a view of the patio and there is a warming pad between the chair cushion and the cat bed :-) They like the raised sides.

The felted cat bed is by Wendy Johnson, who is a cat lover (to put it mildly), knitter and designer. I used Cascade 220 and carried two strands of yarn together to get bulky weight on US10.5 (? I think) needles. The felting was pretty quick.

An empty cat bed is not very exciting, so I woke up Persimmon and asked her to pose in the bed. First she must bathe, then she sat for a picture (half asleep and not enthusiastic). Finally she went back to sleep.

20080219 Cat Bed Empty 20080219 Cat Bed Bath

20080219 Cat Bed with Persy 20080219 Cat Bed Recliner

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