Wednesday, December 31, 2008



Turns out I'm not much of a social networking kinda woman. With a few exceptions, most of my friends have flesh, sound, smell, and feel (where is your mind right now?).

I joined twitter last week. Probably over the holidays isn't the best time to try it, and the light is low which makes me lean toward introverted. I thought terse little sentences would be perfect for me. Each tweet (I just love that word.) is limited to 140 characters, so that's pretty terse.

What I found was ... my life is too small to make my tweets interesting. Borak Obama's tweets were interesting; they were little links to his daily news. I'm sure Borak doesn't tweet himself, but his staff does it for him.

Many other tweets were out of context for one reason or another, so I didn't understand them. When you @reply to somebody the reply shows up as a tweet from you. When people don't follow the person being replied to, then it's like hearing only half a conversation.

So, in conclusion, I'm going to drop twitter and stick to other Internet fun: my knitting list, ravelry, favorite blogs, and this blog. My Google Reader subscription list is very long, which is enough.

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  1. Diane, give it a little more time. A week is not enough time for twitter to become useful. could be how you are using it too..

    if you use Firefox, install the Twitterfox extension. What I like about it is that folks tweets, who you follow, will pop up from time to time while you're surfing.. and you can quick respond or not. Also spend time following a few more folks and listening to the tweets.. don't worry so much about how you're wording your tweets. Just be natural.. it's kind of an organic type of learning of social media.. just be a listener for a bit and see how others use it.

    Also try using to search on a word or phrase .. good way to find others. I use it both personally and professionally, but I really like the Twitterfox extension as I can do other work and still see tweets when i want, and respond occasionally. I've used it to connect with both fiber folk AND web, Search Engine Optimization folks and Social media folks.

    If it weren't for Twitter, and my deciding to follow Guido of Itsapurlman, I'd never have known about Podcamp, an unconference that was a very important thing for me this year.

    So you never know.. but give it a little more time.