Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Cats are morning people

Ruso and Persy waiting for something good to happen.

Big Sammy takes/gives lots of love.

Gift from Cousins Bill and Leslie.

From Trader Joe's.  Lovely on the kitchen table.

Every morning two cats wake me up.  Ruso tromps on my bladder with his pointy toes and Persy runs around tinkling her bell (top left).  Then Sammy (top right) comes in.  The feeding frenzy lasts for about 20 minutes including preparation, eating, cleaning of bowls and litter box.  Then finally the day can begin for the humans in the house.  All of this cat care happens before the sun is up.

Then the kitties find warm spots for their daytime naps, and life is good.

Having a small life this January day.  Yesterday's Obama/Biden inauguration was wonderful.

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