Sunday, February 22, 2009

Dell's Customer Service

Dell Studio Desktop First, let me say I like Dell computers and have one that still works well after 7 years of almost constant use. I'm looking forward to receiving the next one. I have a complaint with Dell's customer service and I don't know who to tell about it, so I'll tell you all.

Note: 2/24/09 Dell saw this complaint and followed up with me. The outcome is the same as before - no after-order coupon codes allowed, and especially not on a machine that I had customized. But... this time they were nicer about it. I'm not happy, but I understand.

  1. I found a coupon for a Dell Studio Desktop, "Save $325 Instantly!".
  2. I ordered my Dell Studio Desktop and went through the customizing process online [upgraded memory].
  3. I was so excited during the order checkout that I forgot to enter my E-Value Code: 165462-DDPHMC1.
  4. Later I called Dell's Customer Service and spoke to somebody who sounded like she was in a country not USAmerican - India maybe. That's really irrelevant, except that there are always communications problems between cultures.
  5. She told me she could not apply my e-value code to my order, nor could she cancel the order.
  6. I sent an electronic note (via "Contact Us") to Dell asking them to apply my e-value code to my order, and received an automated form letter denial of my request.
  7. I looked for a "cancel" button in Customer Service. There is none.
  8. I sent an electronic note (via "Contact Us") to Dell, and asked to cancel the order.
  9. Two days A day later, I received this reply, "Because your order ...848 is ready to get shippied from Dell, so, I am unable to cancel your order at this point of time. Please accept delivery and if you choose not to keep it, contact Dell Consumer Customer Care at 800-624-9897 within 21 days of the invoice date for a return authorization." If they had responded sooner, the product wouldn't have been "ready to get shippied".
  10. So, in order to "Save $325 Instantly!" I would have had to order a second [not upgraded or downgraded] machine when the coupon was still valid, had my credit card charged for two computers, and then returned the more expensive order after it arrived.
  11. I think Dell counts on making this process inconvenient enough to discourage order modifications or cancellations. Even though the problem was caused by my forgetting to enter the e-value code, I think this sucks.

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  1. Diane, Sorry to hear you are having problems with your computer order. Please send me your information and I may be able to assist. My email is Attn: Robert.