Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Online Knitting Magazines

I love online knitting magazines - they take up very little room on my bookshelves :-)



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Knitty has been my favorite for years, and knotions is earning a warm feeling in my heart too.  Most of you who read this blog already know about knitty, but knotions might be new to you.  knotions just put their new issue up - Spring, 2009, so I'm in the mood to chat about that one.

On the front page of the web site are links to the current issue's patterns, as well as links to techniques and reviews.   The Reviews include

  1. Boutique Knits by Laura Irwin, reviewed by Carol J. Sulcoski
  2. Signature Needles, reviewed by Jody Pirrello
  3. Color Style by Pam Allen and Ann Budd, reviewed by Jody Pirrello

The book reviews (1 and 3 above) tell you what projects are the book, some of the unique skills you might pick up, and why you might or might not want this book in your library.  The reviews are more than a paragraph of praise.  They are useful.  The Signature Needle review is glowing, but Signature Needles are worth glowing about.  The needles are described well by somebody who actually knit with them.

The Techniques include:

  1. Yarn Substitution Basics by Jody Pirrello
  2. Short Rows for Bust Shaping
  3. How to knit lifted increases

The Yarn Substitution Basics article is full of common sense and information.  It's worth a read for those of us who break out in a sweat when trying to make yarn substitutions, or for those of use who make substitutions using knitter's logic ("It will work out, no matter what that little voice in my head is telling me.").

The Short Rows for Bust Shaping covers short rows (what they are, how to wrap and turn, how to pick up wraps), and bust shaping (bottom up and top down, measuring, math).  There are enough illustrations to help.  For those of you with busty busts, it's a good article.  For those of us with hardly any, be thankful you don't have to work bust shaping.

The lifted increases article is good for beginners.  It's the same increase I first saw in Cat Bordhi's books.  This technique covers increases from knit and purl side.

The "check it out" link takes you to the pattern links and links to the feature articles.  There are 15 projects - tops, scarves, socks, fabric/knit combinations, lace, cables, color.  Go see.  The tops generally go up to 48", but one was 53.5".  There are links to ravelry projects for each pattern (cool!).  The patterns are free.

The only criticism I have is that the photography is not the greatest.  Jared Flood and Franklin Habit have spoiled us with their lovely photos.  It looks like the photos were submitted with the pattern, so they are not taken by pros.

The feature articles have tempting titles like:

  1. Review: Nashua Handknits Magazine
  2. A Knitter's Tour of Seattle
  3. Indie Knitting Retreats
  4. Indie Spotlight

So, here's another great online magazine.  I wish knotions a long and happy life.

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  1. Ooh! I hadn't seen knotions had some new patterns up. Thanks :)