Friday, March 6, 2009

Garter Stitch

Yesterday was knit group day.  I love Thursday afternoons!  We gossiped about various political and personal things, caught up on shopping adventures, talked about tubal ligations, and on and on for 1 and a half wonderful hours.

And there was knitting.

I’m finishing up my ribwarmer (picture soon).  I grafted the back of the neck.  It doesn’t look invisible to me because of the 1/2 stitch jut on each side, but it’s acceptable.  Now it’s time to join the back to the front at the shoulders.  I counted stitches along the back and came up one short.  Uh oh.  Several (several) rows down I spied a dropped stitch.

Picking up dropped stitches in garter stitch isn’t so fun for me.  There must be a special crochet hook thingie made just for working from two sides of the fabric (and please, God, make it be the right size for my yarn – maybe I need an entire set of them).  Anyway, the dropped stitch is picked up and now I’m really ready to join the back to the front.

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