Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Lots of stuff


I ditched the Viper Pilot socks because the yarn I chose was totally wrong.  I should have taken the advice in the pattern to choose squishy yarn.  Instead, the wool & cotton yarn I chose tortured me for a few inches before I gave up (and the variegation hid the cables and space ships).  That yarn is now happily knitting itself up into regular crew socks.

Lunch out

We tried Broadway Heights today for the first time.  It was good.  Go there.

Library budgets were cut

Our local library budget was cut, which was expected given that the police and fire departments were also under the budget knife.  The saddest part of reduced services is that the reference librarian position is being cut.  I do wish there was something we could do to save our reference librarians!  My library forecast is cloudy :-(

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  1. Ouch!! Loss of reference librarian is not a good thing...