Monday, March 16, 2009

Moving Tailfeathers from Typepad to Blogger

I waited long enough - the Google folks have written a conversion tool for Movabletype to Blogger.

My Tailfeathers blog, which I wrote from 2005 to 2008 on, was my Knitting and Life Journal and I didn't want to lose it when my subscription runs out this Spring.

The conversion process wasn't so easy, but I didn't have to write any code, so I'm happy. The online tool will only accept files 1M or smaller, so I broke up Tailfeathers into two chunks. The converted 2005 to 2006 piece imported into blogger with no problems. But the 2007 to 2008 piece finally ended up being broken up into 4 smaller chunks before blogger would import the files.

Links to the old Tailfeathers blog, bad formatting and all, is over there under "My Other Stuff". There are links to photos that I decided not to export from Typepad and those photos will be broken links as soon as Typepad turns off my account. However, the links to all my flickr photos still work :-)


  1. Hi, thanks a million for linking to the conversion tool. I've been searching for this and tinkering with a broken perlscript for months (not continuously!) to try to do this.

    Did you get your comments to import smoothly? I managed to get all entries imported, but zero comments. :(

  2. Hi! I'm considering making the same move. I tried the converter but kept getting errors or only a portion of the posts got transferred. Maybe I need to break it up into smaller chunks and try a few more times. I'm glad to hear it worked for you.