Saturday, March 21, 2009

Teaching Ruth to Knit & New Socks

20090319 Ruth's HatRuth joined our Thursday afternoon knitting group at Heartstrings Yarn Studio over a year ago.  She was a crocheter, a lone chrocheter in a room full of knitters.  We recruited her :-)

She started with a k2p2 scarf, then moved on to a 5 hour baby blanket, a toy bear, a hat, and finally this hat you see here (bad photo taken with my phone).  She has an eye for mistakes and is learning to see how to fix errors.  She’s fearless (except for the fear of mistakes) and wants to try new things all the time.  She’s charitable.  I think she’s given away half of what she’s made.  … and she entertains the knitting group with her unique views on the economy and politics :-)  It’s hard to see her progress as we are helping each week, but this hat shows real progress over time (followed a pattern, fixed some of her own errors, etc.)

20090321 Viper Pilot Cast OnBut enough about Ruth.  Here’s my new sock: Viper Pilots pattern from Glenna C (GlennaC on Ravelry).  In the pattern she says to chose a “squishy” yarn, but I didn’t, being pathologically unable to follow instructions.  I chose a wool/cotton/nylon blend from Regia.  The pattern says to cast on 76, which sounds like a lot to me, but Glenna anticipates my misgivings and assures me that the cables in the pattern will pull in.  It starts at the cuff, which I haven’t done in a while, so it’ll be a nice change.  These should be good Battlestar Galactica knitting.  (Get it?  Viper Pilots?)

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