Saturday, April 25, 2009

Having fun, but no knitting

Last week was a trip to Pacific Grove and San Francisco.  J and I left on Monday and arrived at Asilomar in time for a walk at the Pacific Grove beach and a beautiful sunset.

20090420 Asilomar Beach Walk
Boardwalk to Asilomar Beach
20090420 Pacific Grove Purple
Know the name of these?
20090420 Pacific Grove Pink
Beautiful pink succulents growing on rocky hill. 
20090420 Pacific Grove Seagulls
These crazy people actually fed the seagulls.
20090420 Asilomar Sunset View
Sunset at Asilomar
20090420 Asilomar Sunset

The next day we went to Point Lobos and took a drive up memory lane through Aptos and Santa Cruz.  Our old house is much the same as we left it in 2001, but with a new roof.  Lunch in Davenport, where we discovered that the Davenport Cash Store is under new management and not as good.  We went through Pescadero and on up the coast, over Devil’s Slide into San Francisco. 

20090421 Pt Lobos
Point Lobos
20090421 Pt Lobos Path 20090421 Pt Lobos Clear Water

That night, Tuesday, we had dinner at Chez Papa (new and good) and then stopped in at the library for my new card (audio downloads!).  After dinner was Wicked, a fine musical.  Wednesday morning we “discovered” Sears Find Foods, which is apparently a San Francisco tradition – good breakfasts, not too expensive.

Wednesday, our last day of the trip we went to Muir Woods (my first ever visit) and then to the new Natural History Museum in Golden Gate Park.  Muir Woods is beautiful, and the planetarium show in the museum was fun.  I liked the rain forest in the museum, but not all the children – and I mean alllll the children, strollers and stressed out parents.  Dinner was at Scoma’s, another tradition on the wharf (expensive and too much food, but tasty).

20090422 Muir Woods Big Trees
Big, old trees in Muir Woods.
20090422 Muir Woods w Ferns
Redwood creek & ferns.
20090422 Muir Woods Redwood Creek
Redwood Creek
20090422 Eel and Friends
Eel & friends
20090422 Bottom of Aquarium
Bottom of the acquarium

I didn’t open my knitting bag once, but I did lug it all over the Monterey and San Francisco Bay Areas.  Home on Thursday, happy and well fed.

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  1. Oh my.

    I am so hit with nostalgia. The ice plants weren't in bloom when I was in San Francisco, but a few had some remnants of flowers and I so wished they were in bloom.

    And Muir Woods. Wow.