Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Is it okay to write that I’m having a bad day?  Well, I am.

… I did my taxes.  I owe.

… I put a note out asking on my knit list if anybody was going to Sock Summit.  Then a few days later one of the old timers did the same thing, like he hadn’t even read my note, like my note was completely invisible, ignored even.

… J is mad at me because I wanted to listen to an audio book while cooking instead of answer a question about which was the old apple in the vegetable drawer.  Now I have more silence than I could ask for to listen to my audio book :-(

… other people’s knitting is more interesting than mine.

… my allergies are bothering me.

… it’s cloudy and there isn’t even very much rain to show for it.

… I couldn’t do the Jumble this morning.

… I got my Separation papers in the mail.  My job at the library ends 25 April, but I’m encouraged to apply for the next higher level of part time help which does have openings.  All change is bad.

… and so forth and so on.


  1. Oh dear! Hope it picks up again soon. Life seems to gang up on you all at once sometimes doesn't it?
    Keep your chin up!

  2. Thanks, things are looking up as we speak.