Thursday, April 2, 2009

Spring in the Garden

20090401 Spring BulbsThis artsy treatment of my spring bulb pot is a product of Photoshop.  I had fun with my camera yesterday morning in the garden.

The tulip is a feathery thing that reminds me of a dutch painting.

Click here to see the photo set in flickr.

20090401 WysteriaRight now the wisteria is the most oderiferous of the Spring blossoms, and it’s beautiful to look at. Later it will dump all those petals and the the vine will grow about a foot per hour and require frequent pruning, but right now it's worth all that trouble.

20090401 Dogwood Blossoms 02And the dogwood is putting out a bunch of blooms this year.  I think it blooms abundantly every other year and this must be one of the blooming years.  The type of dogwood we have puts out pale green blooms which fade to white before falling off.

There’s more but, these are the highlights.  The tree Peony just opened this morning, but I don’t have pictures of it yet.  Soon.

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