Monday, April 13, 2009

Went for a walk

Spring in Chico, well anywhere, really, is beautiful.  We went for a walk at the Tree Farm (aka the Mendocino National Forest Genetic Resource & Conservation Center in Chico, CA).

 20090412 Spring at the Tree Farm20090412 Iris at the Tree Farm

20090412 Azaleas at the Tree Farm 20090412 Beehive at the Tree Farm

Yes, I am knitting

I’m almost done with my cotton socks.  No pictures yet, but I am knitting.  It’s just not very photogenic, or exciting, but it is very satisfying.

On a less Springlike note…

Three out of these five people will no long work for the library in July, and neither will I,

20090405 Nichole20090405 Dorothy20090405 Maureen20090405 Suzie20090405 Rhoda

… unless Butte County gets it’s act together and figures out a way to raise the money it needs to support the community’s library needs.  I like these people.  It will be sad to see us go.


  1. I love going to the tree farm too! Here's hoping all of you wonderful library folk get to keep your jobs. We need the library!

  2. Hi, I used to go to the tree farm when I lived in Chico and loved it. I can't remember where it is, and can't find an address. Can you help? I am visiting Chico tomorow and would like to go.