Friday, May 8, 2009

Sweet Baby

20090508 Sweet Baby Back20090508 Sweet Baby ButtonThis is a new thing for me, a baby sweater (ravelry link).

I’m winging it, sort of, and coming pretty close to the desired result so far.  I do have a pattern (see above ravelry link), but the textured stitch patterns are taken from a picture of a different sweater.  My objective was to finish the stockinet/reverse stockinet pattern exactly at the armholes, but my figuring was a little off, so I have a few rows of seed stitch before the arm hole decreases.  On the next sweater, I’ll do one more row of ribbing, and one more row of stockinet in each of the stockinet repeats.  Should I have ripped and started over?  Not for this project, but I did seriously consider it.

The little duck (right) is a close up of the buttons laying on top of the sweater back (left).   I found the buttons at Joann’s here in Chico.  Joann’s has a much larger selection of buttons than does Michael’s, where I purchased the yarn.

So, this is a craft store sweater:  inexpensive acrylic yarn and inexpensive buttons.  I’m making this as a charity project, so I don’t know who will get the sweater and I don’t want to spend a bunch on the material.  I’m not a fan of the yarn, but it looks okay when finished.  We’ll see how how it looks after finishing and washing.

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