Sunday, May 31, 2009

Walks and Socks

20090531 Bidwell ParkWe had a quickie walk in Bidwell Park this morning.  The grass is already turning brown!  It was pleasant, in the 60s (F).

Other places (like Eastern US) are just coming out of their cold spells and here we are changing (thinking about it anyway) the filters on our air conditioners.

20090528 Circular Gauge SwatchI stayed up late last night doing toes on socks for the next project.  These are made of Crystal Palace Panda Superwash (bamboo-wool-nylon).  The gauge swatch is shown on the left.  Those color bits will not be so stacked when a whole sock’s worth of sts is on the needles.  This is the yarn I bought at the new store in Graeagle, CA.  While knitting I was listening to the 3rd book in the Twilight series.  Not great literature, but fun while doing knitting, cleaning, gardening, etc.

The real news is that I was one of the lucky people who got into Sock Summit :-)  I’ll be taking a design class with Anne Hanson, a beginner spindle spinning class, a class about using all the yarn with Charlene Schurch, and I’ll be attending a panel discussion with some of the knitting world’s luminaries.  Is it August yet??  There will be an afternoon of book signing.  How will I ever lug all those books for signatures?!?


  1. oooh a beginner spinning class! jealous!!! maybe you'll teach me what you learn...?

  2. Oh, how I remember summers in So. Calif. We lived in Newberry Park from '74 to '77. Everything was brown except for those Oak trees that hung on. The first Spring, Summer, Fall back in Ohio, the colors seemed so much more vibrant than they really were. I've knit socks with Panda Wool before. They feel good on the feet. And I am green with envy about the Sock Summit. It's actually still too cool here to turn on the A/C. Still in the low 60s during the day and the 40s at night. In fact, we had to turn on the wood stove the other night. Go figure.