Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Witt Pratt


The picture comes from an interview with Witt in 2007 on

Witt passed away in his sleep last night. He had a heart as big as he was, and was the soul of generosity and kindness.

My heart goes out to his family.

I’m just one of hundreds of people who benefited in one way or another from his goodness. I’ll miss my friend.

[Edited to add a link to Witt's obituary in the Washington Post.]


  1. Oh dear. This is so sad. I never met Witt...only online correspondence, and I really thought him a classy guy.

    On the weekend, I was asking a knitter from DC what was up with Witt. He said that Witt seemed to be out of the loop and had withdrawn.

  2. He'll definitely be missed online.

  3. Goodbye Witt. You will be deeply missed.

  4. Susan messaged me to tell me this. I am very sad to read it. he was a generous and kindly man.

  5. My world won't be the same without you Witt. You'll always be in my heart.

  6. Oh damn..such a sad discovery to find out this news, monthes later. I remember the last time I was in DC, I was in a vehicle crawling through the "Fruit Loop", looked out the window and there he was! I'm 6'2" and kissing him I still felt small, but so safe in his arms! So tall and large in stature, and a heart to match. We were headed in opposite directions, so it was mostly a loud conversation, but his grin was so alive and wonderful.

    We had many conversations about our cats, lives, and his love for slurpees! Witt tried to teach me to knit, and I just didn't get the knack for it.

    Another dear man departed too soon, but my life is all the better for having had him be in it, even only for a brief time.

    Bon Voyage, my dear friend - I'll see you on the other side! :-)

    Paul :-)

  7. Oh, Buddy, I just now found out that you are gone. I let so much time pass without writing to see how you are doing... our knitting friendship that started on the glbt-list and continued on sporadically meant a lot to me, as you meant a lot to me, friend.