Friday, June 5, 2009

Happy Birthday JLG

20090602 Yosemite Half Dome #2

We had a lovely little trip to Yosemite.  The weather wasn’t as warm as we’d expected it to be, and the rain up at Tuolumne Meadows was even a little slushy.  But Mother Nature can’t mess up trip to Yosemite because it’s beautiful, no matter what the weather.

We saw 2 or 3 bears, depending on whether that brown spot in a meadow was a bear or a tree stump.  Early June is definitely when they are enjoying the Spring.  One of the bears we saw was a young one and he almost climbed a tree when he saw that he was the center of attention.  There he was, standing with his front paws on the tree, almost as if he was saying, “Here I am.  Take my picture now.”

The rocks that are the Sierra Mountains are just too beautiful to describe.  Sigh, it felt good to be there.

… and the Ahwahnee lunch was delicious.  If we had ordered desert, they would have put a candle in it for J, who is now a big seven zero years old.  One of her friends described her as “spry”.  :-)

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  1. Wonderful photograph. Glad you had a wonderful day. Renate