Saturday, June 20, 2009

I’m ready for Sock Summit

Quote of the day: “Aspire to be Barbie - the bitch has everything.” – not credited

Tools for traveling:

I have all the toys tools any person could want for travel:  camera and iPhone.  I got the new iPhone yesterday.  There’s an app for finding bus stops and routes in Portland, “Portland Transit”.  There are maps and directions.  There is a way to find out where you are - it puts a little blue dot on the map.  There’s a compass so I can tell which way is which.  I am now ready to find my way from my hotel downtown to the Sock Summit at the Convention Center.

There are iPhone knitting applications for stitch counting, yarn requirements estimating, and calculating knitting gauge.  There is a shopping list – you know I’ll be adding to that list for the Sock Summit market.

… oh, and there’s a phone so I can call home, and wifi so I can get fast access to the Internet.


I’m about 40% done with my Home and Hearth #2 socks, so I’ll have at least two pairs of hand knit, ankle-high socks.  I still have to do my homework for Sock Design with Anne Hansen: “Students should choose several stitch patterns for possible use in their design and work swatches both in pattern and in stockinette with the project yarn to determine appropriate needle size.”  Piece of cake – it’s not even July yet.

PS: I’ve been taking a lot of abuse from J, who wonders if the iPhone can do dishes, laundry, or ironing.


  1. I would have seriously considered an i-Phone if it did laundry. If it did bathrooms, I'd would have jumped to buy it.

  2. Diane, I am with Ted. I don't even have a cell phone (no reception where we live), but if it did dishes and the bathroom, I'd get one. Have fun at the Sock Summit. Renate