Sunday, July 19, 2009

Charting Barbara Walker

I'm supposed to knit some swatches as part of my homework for Anne Hanson's Sock Summit Sock Design class. I chose Barbara Walker's 1st Treasury as my source of stitch patterns. The only problem is that all the patterns in that book are written out in words.

Traveling Ribbed Eyelet pardon bad quality image scan :-(

MS Excel and Carol Taylor’s Knitting Symbols (font, free) are my favorite tools for charting.  Installing Carol’s font is a piece of cake, and she has excellent documentation which includes tables showing which keys create various symbols.  I know other people prefer Knit Visualizer, but I’m not a designer, so this option works for me.

traveling ribbed eyelet chart

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  1. By now you are most likely getting ready for the Sock Summit. Have lots of fun and learn a bunch. The chart looks good. Tks. for adding the links. Renate