Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hat in a Bag

20090710 Hat and BagSupporting the local shop owners (Heartstrings), I bought this lovely new project bag because I had a hankering for one that stands up by itself and is easier to rummage through than my usual canvas shopping bags.  Isn’t it nice that shopping is now a way to “support your local economy” instead of “buy things you don’t really need.”

It’s made by The BagSmith.  I haven’t filled the pockets on the front yet, but my current hat pattern is tucked into an outside, clear pocket on the backside.  The inside pocks aren’t so easy to figure out.  Many of the inside pockets are short and pleated to hold … a small skein of yarn, maybe.  Many are narrow and small and the right size for … knitting needles, maybe.

I have a thing for shoes, bags, and hats.  I also bought a new messenger bag for taking to Portland’s Sock Summit and riding their public transit.

The hat in progress is this one I’m making out of Mini Mochi.  I like the yarn, but you have to watch the splitting because it’s a sometimes loose spun single.


  1. hey, i have that bag too! i love it...although it quickly became filled with random knitting bits and desperately needs to be cleaned out.

    i guess great minds think alike...


  2. NICE bag and the hat isn't bad either. Love the colors. Renate