Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Purple Socks finished

20090706 Sock 00 20090706 Sock 03

I finished the Home & Hearth socks.  The yarn was Crystal Palace “Panda Superwash” (wool, bamboo, nylon).  The yarn was easy to work with, and feels soft on the foot.  I’m tired of little color blotches for now.  I think [maybe] the next pair of socks will be a solid color.

Most of the socks I’ve made lately have been from Cat Bordhi’s “New Pathways for Sock Knitters, Book One.”  These socks used Rideline – Home & Hearth Eyelet Anklets pattern.  I really, really like Bordhi’s master numbers.  Once you figure out the gauge all you have to do is plug your numbers into a spreadsheet and poof! all the math is done.

The only change I made to the pattern was that I forgot to continue the eyelet pattern up into the k2p2 ribbing at the top, and I added a picot bindoff.

And now for something different…

20090705 Mini Mochi 1I should be doing my homework for Sock Summit now, but I’ve been itching to try this Mini Mochi sock yarn.  It’s going to be a hat.  The yarn is a single, so I didn’t think it would hold up well to heavy wear in a sock.

These two skeins of yarn are actually the same colorway (101).  I’m almost done with the brim.

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  1. Be careful with washing in the washer and putting in the dryer. I knit socks with one of the Panda wools and it shrank and felted although it had a lot of bamboo in it. Don't know if it was the washer or the dryer. Good thing is that I didn't like the socks; bad thing, I can't pawn them off on my daughter now. Renate