Friday, August 21, 2009

Barbie-sized Hair Clips & Knitting

20090821 Baby Sweater with Clippy ThingsI’m almost done with this little sweater (0-6 mos).  I started it in Portland during the Sock Summit setting of the Guinness World Record.  An aside:  because of said World Record setting, I bought some Lantern Moon straight Needles.  Very nice.  I recommend them.  I was able to do the entire sweater on straight needles until I put the ribbing in the neck.

It looks sewn together, but it’s not.  It’s held together by very tiny little hair clips.  I didn’t have faith in my ability to finish it without all kinds of puckers, so I clipped it together.  I like those little clippy things.

The reason I went to this much trouble to clip it together, is that my brain is feeling fuzzy this week.  I blame it on the blood donation a couple of days ago.


  1. Nice sweater for a little one. I don't know how you normally sew knit things together, but I always use the backstitch. I put the two pieces together, wrong side out, pin, and then sew. Never puckers for me. Renate

  2. Renate, I used a mattress stitch. It looks okay, but I want to improve some more. It wasn't the style of seam stitch I used that would cause puckering, it would have puckered if I hadn't pinned it in many places.