Saturday, August 29, 2009

Lassen Daytrip

20090829 Deer Creek on Hwy 32 We took a drive up the mountain to Lassen Volcanic National Park.  One does tire of staying inside, hiding from the heat.  It was 102° this afternoon when we drove back down into the valley.  This picture is a fisherman at Deer Creek, just off of Hwy 32, East of Chico, CA.

20090829 Lassen Park It is so nice to be up at 7000-8000 ft elevation.  The sky is blue, and you can feel how big everything is.  Maybe you can’t feel the bigness from these pictures.  You’ll just have to go up there yourself.   The Park is only about 70 miles from Chico.

20090829 Lassen Volcanic Rocks These rocks are in a meadow.  Just sitting there.  Maybe they were blown off the top of one of the nearby volcanoes a few hundred years ago?  When you drive by the sulfurous steam in some parts of the park, you ought to hear the music from Jaws or hear some other ominous mood music.  It could happen again.


  1. Lovely Dianne. It looks great - reminds me of trips we made into the Rockies for hiking from Calgary whenwe lived there.


  2. Yes the photos are lovely indeed. We never made it to Lassen National Park when we lived in So. Cal. Made it to the desert once, and up into the mountains where the fires are now. Hope you are far away from them. Heat wave? What heat wave. We've had a light freeze last night and are supposed to have another one tonight. Thanks for your compliments on the socks. I think the pattern is available through Ravelry. Will have to look when I go there in a bit. Have fun. Renate