Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sock Summit Gushing

ss09 I arrived home this morning at 4am, after 5 wonderful days in Portland, Oregon, and Sock Summit.  I’ve been to bigger events, even events that were more organized, but I’ve never been to a big knitting event that was as much fun as this one. The difference was the friendliness of everybody – the staff, the volunteers, the vendors, and the attendees.  I don’t usually feel comfortable in a crowd, but the universal openness and friendliness of everybody was disarming. 

And the people of Portland are friendly too!  Instead of staying in a hotel near to Sock Summit, I stayed in downtown Portland’s Pearl District.  I was within walking distance of the library, Elephant Deli, Art Museum, Button Emporium, MAX transportation, restaurants, parks, fountains, and more I missed.  My hotel was the Paramount (on Taylor), and they had a bomb scare, just a scare not a bomb, and the police were friendly too.

Next time I’ll talk about the classes I took and maybe add some photo links.  I haven’t gotten my pictures together yet.  They are just iPhone snapshots, but I’ll probably load them onto flickr in spite of their funkiness.  Now I’m just too tired.

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