Friday, September 11, 2009

Frilly Hat lessons

20090911 Frilly HatI loved this hat in the book, “Baby Beanies”, by Amanda Keeys. A friend at the library said it would look good on her granddaughter who is going to live in Alaska. Say no more, I thought. When I gave it to my friend today, she was appreciative.

I learned one important thing… again. I went to the yarn store and Joanne helped me pick out suitable, and warm yarn. I knew the gauge I wanted. After Joanne pointed out several nice choices, I picked out a cream and dark purple combination. Not once (!) did I look at the ball bands to double check that the yarn was in fact supposed to give me the desired gauge. I’ve done this before. I get to the store, check my brains on the way in, and buy the wrong yarn.

The yarn I chose is lovely (Debbie Bliss Rialto in cream, Debbie Bliss cashmerino aran in dark purple). It’s warm and feels good next to the skin. The cream colored yarn is DK weight and I get 22 sts/4 in… not the 5 sts/in I was supposed to get. The dark purple yarn is aran weight and gets 18 sts/in, also not the 5 sts/in I was supposed to get. So… the hat looks a little tall and skinny, with a bulky purple rib. Thank goodness the granddaughter won’t care! I just hope it fits.

I have never done a pom pom before, so I checked out some video on YouTube (search for “how to make a Pom Pom” on, which was helpful. It turned out nicely by wrapping it around a piece of cardboard.

The only intentional modification I made to the pattern was on the first row of ribbing after the ruffle. I did one round of knit in dark purple before the first k1p1 rib, in order to avoid those funny white purl bumps I would have gotten if I had gone directly from white ruffle to purple k1p1 rib. I learned this way of doing things from J. Fee’s Sweater Workshop – a terrific book.

In spite of all my whining, I like the hat :-)

Edited to add: Yesterday I was volunteering at the library and the friend for whom I knitted the hat handed me a thank you note and a gift certificate to the yarn store. I was so surprised! A response like that will get her more grandchild things in the future!

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