Thursday, October 1, 2009

Felted Mice

20090930 Felted Mice

I’ve been knitting little mice.  Lots of little mice.

There about 50 of them, all knitted, ends tucked in and felted.  In the beginning of November they will be stuffed with fiber fill and fresh catnip, then sewn shut with tapestry thread.  Hopefully they will be more cat proof this year.  I had reports from last year’s cat lovers that some of them disintegrated within a day.

I also heard that my mice were found in the swimming pool, or they were seen flying through the air, or they were lurking in the kitchen looking real enough to scare the humans.

There are brown, gray, white and purple ones.

This is enough for the Friends of the Library Craft Faire this November.  No more mice in 2009.

Thanks to Jen who was nice enough to let me use her pattern for our fundraiser.  Thanks, Jen!

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