Monday, October 19, 2009

Homage to instant coffee

People who think instant coffee is the dregs of the coffee world can click to somewhere else  now.

Lately I’ve been losing my taste for strong, robust, freshly ground coffee.  It has begun to taste bitter.  Instant coffee now has a place on my pantry shelves.  I put instant coffee, a drop or two of almond extract, and sweetener (sugar, Splenda, whatever) in the bottom of the cup and poor on hot-to-boiling, filtered water.  Filtering the water makes a difference.  Top off with fat free half and half, or 2% milk.  And in the summer I can mix in less water and poor it over ice.  I’m loving it.

So what brand?  Well, Starbucks is selling instant coffee now, for about $1 a cup.  I didn’t try it.  Trader Joe’s is selling 100% Columbian instant coffee at a reasonable price.  I bought some today and am sipping it now.  It’s a little bitter for my wimpy taste buds.  You might like it.

folgers instant coffee My favorite instant coffee to date is Folgers - it’s mild.  And this has been my coffee of choice for several months now.

Should I throw away my coffee beans, canisters, grinder, cones, filters and Mr. Coffee?  Not quite yet.  If I don’t use them in the next six months or so, then I’ll think seriously about donating them to the local Salvation Army/Goodwill/

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  1. Nothing wrong with instant. I grew to love Nescafe Clasico while living in Mexico (you can get it here too). My favorite coffee beans to grind are from Costa Rica; rich, bold and smooth.