Saturday, November 7, 2009

Felted Mice Cat-tested

I finally finished all those felted mice.  After I took this picture, I forgot and left them in their photo display chair….
20091107 Felted Mice
Persy found them and thinks they are just fine.  Even unfocused Ruso thinks they are good.  So, they are cat-tested and ready for the Chico Friends of the Library Craft Faire on November 21st.
20091107 Cat Tested Mice   20091107 Ruso always just a little unfocused
About felting these mice. I did them in the washer, all except the white ones which I farmed out to a friend. I'm thinking I would have more control over the felting process if I did them by hand with a washboard.


  1. "Yah, but" think about your poor knuckles, if you were to use the washboard. They are wonderful. Did you save one for your cats? Our mouse finally died from being shredded over several month. Our Maine Coon mix carried it around and would meow loudly to tell us he had "caught" his mouse.

  2. I did think about my knuckles and asumed there *must* be a way to do it without abusing the knucks.