Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sonorous Strings

The best parts of the North State Symphony (Chico and Redding, California) are the string sections.  Tonight’s performance was all strings all the time.  Plus, there were two young guest artists:


Emily and George Hayes (sister on piano, brother on violin) are both winners in a Young Artists competition.  The winners get to play with the NSS orchestra.

The program:

Note: program image links to NSS program notes, but the link will probably be invalid eventually.

It was good.  The pleasant surprise was the Sonata by Carlos Gomes.   I’d never heard him before and I liked this piece.  The Mendelssohn was okay.  After intermission was the Bartok and Vaughan Williams.  I was really looking forward to the Bartok, but I’m afraid my lack of sleep last night combined with those soothing strings put me right to sleep.  I nodded off during most of the second half, so I guess the program should have been called “Snorous” Strings instead of Sonorous Strings.  I’m really not disparaging the orchestra or the conductor.  I was just tired.

There was even an encore!  A well done, pick-me-up Russian folk tune :-)

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