Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Chilly but not snowing

We had rain and hail the other day, and it was freezing last night.

20091223 Icy BirdbathThe birds won’t be able to drink from the bird bath today unless I break up the surface layer of ice.  At least it’s not frozen solid like it was a couple of weeks ago.

The orchid and the lemon bush are suffering.  The orchid lost it’s bud.  Since the lemon bush was uncovered during the hail storm, it looks very limp and unhappy.  At least it was covered last night.

But I’m not complaining - my little bird bath picture isn’t nearly as dramatic as the lovely pictures of snow being shown by the people in the East.  I’d rather break up a bird bath than shovel snow and walk on ice.

20091223 Hat topThere is knitting going on.  I finished a Slinky Hat for a friend about to undergo chemotherapy.  I wound the yarn for another pair of socks.  I’m expecting Santa to bring yarn for a Hanami Stole (Is it Christmas morning yet?).

This has been the best December in years.

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