Saturday, December 5, 2009

Yet another pair of socks

20091127 Ruso and the BirdsNot much exciting lately.  Fall has been beautiful, and now almost all the leaves are off the trees, daylight is in short supply, it’s cold and windy.  Perfect knitting weather.
The Chico Friends of the Library 2nd annual Holiday Craft Faire was a success.  This year we had a two-day sale and earned more money for the Children’s Room in the library.  It was a treat to watch things I had made be purchased.  Several crafters donated items, most of which sold.  There will be a third year.

20091122 Sockotta at the basketball game20091205 Blue Green SockSo, right after the Craft Faire I started a pair of socks for me.  Ah, socks, you are such a comfortable knit.  You can go to see Stanford Women Vs UC Davis Women play basketball.  You can fit in my purse and are light weight.  You can go to the doctors’ office to make waiting a pleasure.  And before you can click your heels three times, you are done.
Can you see the toe on the finished sock?  It’s a different yarn because I ran out.  (Yarn Sockotta, cotton/wool/nylon, my own pattern.)  The top of the socks are wide so they can be slouchy.  I knew I was going to run out so I picked up another ball of the same yarn & color at the yarn shop.  The owner is terrific.   She said if I knit a hat or some other small sample for the store, that she will refund the cost of the yarn.  It turns out I didn’t use the ball I bought, so I’ll have an entire skein to knit a hat(?) with.
Hope everybody is having a good holiday season!

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