Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Knitting and not

Today we took another drive up to Graeagle, a wonderful little town at about 4300' elevation in the mountains.  Lunch at the Graeagle Millworks was delicious, as always.   The out of focus picture is part of the Millworks' wall of candy and coffee.  Since I'm trying to lose weight, I passed on the candy .

There was snow on the drive up, but the roads were clear.  The mountains were beautiful to look at, especially on the back sides where goodly amounts of snow is sticking.
Knitting has been happening.  I have 3 "active" works in progress:
  1. Socks That Rock, Cascadia by Sivia Harding (toe up).  These are the January, 2010, Rockin' Sock Club socks.  I've chosen these socks as my Olympic Challenge.  Other people are knitting fine sweaters as their Olympic Challenge, but these socks are enough of a challenge for me - my first time participating.  I'm up to the heel turn on the first sock and finished with the toe of the second sock.  If I work both sock parts at roughly the same time, then they usually come out the same size.
  2. Knitting Notions Socks (toe up).  These are K2P2 rib socks using the Riverbend Master sock pattern from Cat Bordhi.  I like plain 2X2 rib, and this pattern has been successful in the past. I'm finished with the heel on the first sock and just starting the heel on the second one.  I'm liking this yarn.  A lot.
  3. Crest of the Wave Stole.  This started out as a Hanami Stole, but I found the pattern was a little difficult for me, since I have never worked in lace weight yarn before.  I'll still do the Hanami someday, but doing this easier feather and fan variation from Barbara Walker is a good lace weight initiation.  This will probably be my last personal knitting before I start knitting on Friends of the Library 2010 Craft Faire stuff later this year.
My refrigerator is dying.  It lasted 10 years, only 10 years.  I can remember when that would be about half a lifetime instead of an entire one.  It's running all the time and not staying cold.  So, last Sunday I went to Sears and bought a new Whirlpool side-by-side (link good on 2/17/2010, may not be good for long after that).  The new fridge is scheduled to arrive on Friday.  Today I spent over $40 on some dry ice to keep the food fresh until then.

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  1. You can always send the food to me. It'll stay perfectly frozen in the barn. LOL. Renate