Sunday, April 11, 2010

Fixing Lace Part Two

I did it.  I dropped a lace repeat and then knitted it back up, in lace weight alpaca yarn.

20100411 Knitting Up 1

The above picture shows the knitting up almost done.  The scary part was dropping all those rows yesterday.  Today’s knitting up was tedious, but easy.  The worst part of knitting up was that I was so tense my shoulder almost quit working.  It feels fine now :-)

20100411 Knitting Up 2

And the above shows the repair is complete. Wahoo!  I’ve been told by Pat, who’s been here and done this, that the uneven edges on either side of the repeat (DPN is on left side just to show that edge of repeat) will work themselves out while I knit, or during washing and blocking.  And now my reward:

20100411 My Reward

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  1. Super job. I would not have believed that when I saw what you had undone. What a good idea pinning the individual strands of yarn out of the way. I'll have to remember that. Looks marvelous and wetting and blocking it will get rid of the rest. Renate