Saturday, May 1, 2010

Nice day out

We had a nice drive today, going to places I’ve never been in nearby Yuba and Nevada Counties.  For example, I had never seen this nice little Englebright Lake.

When we arrived a man pulled up in a van and I hear, “Me first.  Me first!”, as his eager Pit Bull dog charged over him and out the driver’s door.  The man had just put his little fishing boat in the water and driven up the hill to park.  Off they trudged to the boat, the strong dog pulling the man as fast as he could.  Once they were both in the boat the dog calmed down and off they went to fish on a peaceful little lake.  And the day was beautiful.

Next stop was Woods Bridge on the Yuba River, the longest single span, covered bridge in existence (the historical sign said).  The tolls were pretty expensive in the 1860s (click on photos to see larger images).

Then there was a drive along the Yuba River and lunch in Nevada City.  We went to Marshall’s Pasties that has been open for 41 years and sells Cornish pasties.  Well, they didn’t taste like any pasties I had in Cornwall.  The original, purchased at a local Cornish farm tasted way better!  Jan likened the experience to trying to get a Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich outside of Philadelphia.


It was a wonderful day, bright and sunny.

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