Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fantasy Thursday

I was reading Yarnagogo’s blog where she talked about what she would to if she won the lottery, after she paid off her debts, invested wisely, gave to family and charity, etc.  This is one of my absolute favorite fantasies.  In a selfish manner, this is what I dream of, in no particular order.

  1. Have a personal trainer, and a personal organizer, and a personal nutritionist, and unlimited health care.
  2. Have enough land (with staff), so that I can’t hear people laying rubber in the neighborhood.
  3. Have a house at the beach, the mountains, and the desert – all mine so I can travel for long periods and take the animals with me.
  4. Buy only first class airline tickets.

Have, have, have, buy… that’s all money can do.  It won’t make you younger, smarter, or happier, but it would make “things” easier to manage.

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