Thursday, September 9, 2010

Playing with Picasa

It's the end of the rose season, so I thought I'd use a picture of my favorite rose bush for this experiment. It has a delicate yellow-to-cream center and pink edges on the petals. And it smells good!

Picasa 3 is the tool I used to grab the picture from my iPhone and upload it to the blog. Along the way I sharpened it so the petals would show.

Will this show up on the blog?

Edited to add:  yes, it showed up.

This one is edited to highlight the bloom, and then uploaded to a picasa album and linked to from the blog.

So, I guess picasa works.  It's tightly coupled with blogger, and the free album space is about 1G.  I didn't look into how much it would cost to upgrade, because I have lots of history stored on flickr, and I don't plan to change.  Just playing.

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  1. You have some of the best pictures of flowers -- and some of the best flowers. I'm always slightly envious when I see them.