Sunday, October 3, 2010

A gray morning

We went to the park.  It was gray, dark, and dusty.  Not an inspiring environment for taking pictures.

Here at home things are a little better.  There is thunder, excited bird song, and finally a little rain.  I was outside with Ruso.  He enjoyed his wheat grass salad and I enjoyed the almost end of the rose season.

20101003 Yellow

This afternoon we will listen to Kyle Wiley Pickett’s pre-performance talk, and then go to the first North State Symphony performance of the season:

Nielsen - Maskarade Overture
Schumann - Concert Piece for 4 Horns and Orchestra
Tchaikovsky - Symphony No. 4

The Schumann should be interesting – I think the horns are the weakest link in the orchestra.  I’m not familiar with Nielsen, and I love Tchaikovsky.


  1. I hope the Symphony was enjoyable. The photo of the rose is beautiful. Here, we've had two nights of hard frost although it's still in the 50s during the day. Renate

  2. Hi, Renate. The Symphony was wonderful! I think our little Symphony gets better every year under the leadership of Kyle Wiley Pickett. They are certainly doing more difficult pieces as time goes on.

    See, "two nights of hard frost" is why I live in California :-) Although, your property certainly is beautiful in your pictures. I guess your weather makes your beauty.