Thursday, October 7, 2010

Square DPNs

I tried some new needles today:  Kollage Square Double Pointed Knitting Needles


First let me say that I don’t usually knit with DPNs.  I prefer circular needles and I knit small cylinders like socks using the magic loop method.

These Kollage DPNs are terrific!  My local yarn store, Heartstrings Yarn Studio, carries them, so during Thursday knitting group I took a set of US4 square DPNs for a test knit.  They have pointy enough points.  They didn’t slip out of my knitting.  They felt good in my hands.  For anybody who knits with DPNs, I recommend them 100%.


  1. I agree, but they are expensive. After losing one of the needles, I went back to my less expensive bamboo needles. We do have a circular needles. I contacted the company after the yarn kept catching on the join and they replaced it post haste. Renate

  2. Renate, I tried the circular version and didn't like it. The cable was too floppy, which made it difficult to slide the stitches along. I hear they are putting out a new version with a less floppy cable.

    And, you're right, they are expensive compared to other DPNs (12.99 for Kollage vs. 7.99 for other common brands). If I were a big DPN knitter, I'd say it was worth it... just like I think Addi Turbos are worth it. I wish I could afford all Addis, but as backup I have Knitpicks interchangeable needles which I like a lot.

  3. Just bought the sizes I was missing. When I'm knitting samples I always use these. I actually know the fella who designed them.

    Think is, one generally goes UP a size because they knit tight.

    I love that they just don't bend with age!