Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Eyes and Library


I borrowed this image from Super Stock because it is perfect for today.

Thursday I’ll be visiting the local surgery center to have my second cataract removed.  I hope I’ll be able to see clearly when it’s done, and that new glasses will make computer usage even easier.

While I’m recuperating, I hope people will go into the Chico branch library to pick up a postcard to send to their state representatives.  The proposed state budget has some serious library cuts in it. 

Some people think of libraries as a thing of the past.  Not true!!  Every day over 1,000 people (retired, toddlers, children, young adults, regular adults) walk through the doors at the Chico Library.  They check out books, movies, audio books, magazines.  They use the computers.  The children attend playtime and story time.  There is no shushing in the children’s room.  In a quieter area, they read today’s issue of the local and national newspapers.  Homeless people spend the day in a chair by a sunny window reading and napping.  Our library is truly a place for everybody.

Support your local library.

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