Sunday, January 23, 2011

Going up the road

Today was a big football playoff day.  I don’t care about football, so we took a drive in the mountains.  It was lovely.

20110123 Toyon Bush 20110123 Feather River Canyon

We saw the Feather River!  We saw snow! 

 20110123 Graeagle Snow 20110123 Graeagle View

We had lunch in Graeagle at the Graeagle Mill Works.  We’ve been going to Graeagle for 10 years and haven’t tried a different restaurant.  No need to.

For dessert I had the cherry pie, so I could compare it to the one I made at home last week.  I liked the restaurant filling better, but the crust was a tie.  Yay, my crusts are improving!

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  1. I envy where you live. It's so beautiful. Renate