Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy Monday

20110103 Idiot Parking

Today was a mixed bag.  First there was grocery shopping.  This person parked a mini-van in a compact parking spot, and then did it badly by parking crookedly.  This doesn’t bug me so much – after all this is Chico and we are all a little driving impaired here.  The good news about the parking lot is that we didn’t have to move a bloody shopping cart out of a space in order to park.  I consider that a good parking day.

20110103 Fighter Poster

The Fighter was good (A).  We went to a matinée.  So that’s two movies in two days.  Yesterday was Social Network, also good (A).  I love this time of year when the good films are out.  Christian Bale was fantastic in The Fighter.  Mark Wahlberg is really easy to watch.  He has a kind of sweetness about him that is appealing.

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