Friday, January 7, 2011

Random Friday

  1. I took a few pictures in the back yard and mashed them into one image, so here’s my picture for the day…

    20110107 Three in the Yard
  2. Today was just not a good housecleaning day, so I did a very quick job, skipped a few steps.  I don’t think the cats will mind.
  3. Took a walk with an audio book.  Right now the book is The Other, by David Guterson.  The reader tends to drone on instead of read with feeling.  I don’t know whether the tone of the book is supposed to be flat, or the reader has interpreted it so.  This might be one that is better read than listened to.  Other than the flat tone, I’m liking it.  The setting is Northwest Washington and Seattle.  It’s nice to hear Forks, WA, spoken of without also talking about werewolves, vampires, and Twilight.  I have been in this part of Washington and it’s beautiful.
  4. Finally took down the outside Christmas lights and put them away, and put away that one last thing that had been overlooked when de-Christmasing the house (yard ornament).


  1. Diane, which device do you use as your audio book player? Do you play them from you iPhone (and if so, where do you get the books)?

  2. Knitterguy, I use my iPhone (iPod would be good too). I get the books from the library on CD, or from the link on my library's website ... and I have a book-a-month download from