Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday, not in the park

20110116 Leaf20110115 Sock HeelWe did go for a walk in the park this morning.  A 10 minute walk.  My walking buddy just wasn’t into it today.  The fog is a downer for her.  I like it.  It’s mystical – you can imagine all sorts of things going on out there where you can’t see.  The birds like it and their song comes out of nowhere.

The picture on the left is a sycamore leaf in the styrax tree.  The styrax has thorns, all the better to hold the neighbors’ sycamore refuse.

The picture on the right is how far we are in the sock class.  The classes are two hours long and it takes more than two hours to work a sock heel, if you are new to it.  I hope I gave my student enough hints to get her through the heel on her own.  I was able to teach her Ted Myatt’s wrap and turn trick to avoid holes at the gussett.  Basically, at the end of the first knit (RS) row of a heel flap, you wrap the adjacent instep stitch and turn to purl back on the heel flap.  At the end of the first purl (WS) row of the heel flap you wrap the adjacent instep stitch and then turn to knit back.  That’s all it takes.  Yay, Ted!  As you work the gusset, you can either hide the instep wraps when you get to them, or not.  Knitter’s choice.

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