Saturday, May 14, 2011

So much work for so little reward

20110514 Chiton Pullover

I worked a long time on this Chiton Pullover.  After modifying the pattern to make a larger than specified size, it looks the way I expected it to look.  What I wasn’t expecting was how the drape of the cotton yarn would accentuate that spare tire around my middle.  Damn!

I’ve never been this heavy before, and I haven’t had to deal with the issue of tummy roll.  I’ve seen women out shopping with their rolls hanging out, but I can’t bring myself to wear this sweater in public… unless I lose that roll.  Maybe if I cut it off below the bust and worked down in a peasant blouse shape.  Maybe, but I’m not sure what the cowl neck would look like on a peasant blouse.

PS:  The picture shows the shoulder seams before finishing.  I use little hair clips to hold it together so I can try it on.  This is not the way the seams will look, if they are ever finished.

PPS:  I like the yarn.  It’s Cascade Ultra Pima 100% cotton.  It has a nice shine and drape.  Any cotton is hard on my hands to work, and this was no exception.


  1. Well forty years ago we would have stuffed it all into a girdle. But if you won't wear it this way, I'd go for adding a bit of width to the mid section. Would small slits on the side help any? I do like the top half. Renate

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