Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Joseph's Coat

20131006 Joseph's Coat
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When the roses bloom and show such beauty, it's hard to imaging that anything could be wrong around here. But there are things wrong...

I'm old and colds knock me for a loop. I remember taking a decongestant and carrying on as if nothing was wrong. Now, taking high blood pressure medicines, there are many effective cold remedies of which I am warned off. I didn't read the labels too carefully, but I think I can take DayQuil and NyQuil, which taste so bad they make you want to avoid them.

My House representative, Doug LaMalfa, is a faithful spouter of the GOP party line, accusing Democrats and Obama of reluctance to negotiate. The Republicans are hung up on the Affordable Health Care Act. Dubbing it Obamacare, the Republicans have insisted partially dismantling or delaying the Affordable Care Act as part of their budget talks, which Democrats have resisted. In the meantime, while the boys and girls in the US government are shutting down, real people are being laid off, albeit temporarily, and one of my favorite parts of the USA, national parks system, is closed. And, let's not even talk about my retirement nest egg losing value daily.

Holiday gift knitting is progressing slowly.

Enough grumpiness for today. Hope you are having a better day than I.

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  1. You're not old; you're just cranky because you have a nasty cold. And there is a really nasty one going around that happened to get ya. So be grumpy. I'll grump along with you. After hugging you, of course.